The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is an internationally recognized exam that officially certifies a remarkable command of the English language by non-native speakers. It is, in terms of importance, the second certificate issued by the University of Cambridge and on the certification scale is just below the CPE. It corresponds, therefore, to the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and attests to the ability to deal securely and confidently with most situations related to everyday life.


Our school organizes CAE Preparation Courses in Naples aimed at students who have a good knowledge of English and wish to progress in the study of the language to reach an advanced level of proficiency. All courses prepare students in a targeted manner to pass the exam and provide the skills required by the University of Cambridge to successfully tackle its tests. They are administered by experienced native teachers who follow students closely and monitor their learning journey, making sure they achieve concrete results.

Why obtain CAE certification ?

Why obtain CAE certification ?

The demand for professional profiles able to speak fluent English is increasing worldwide, and holding a CAE Certification is an excellent calling card for those who wish to work with English, both in Italy and abroad. In fact, the certificate is recognized by most universities in the United Kingdom and a growing number in the United States, but it is also a fast track to work in companies around the world.

The CAE is part of the Cambridge ESOL examinations and as such gives a particularly prestigious certification that demonstrates the ability to use the English language effectively in practical, personal or professional situations. As such, it opens up numerous job opportunities both in Italy and abroad and is one of the basic entry requirements to British universities for non-native speakers.

As with all Cambridge exams, those who score lower than the minimum score required to pass the test (180 points and above) still receive a lower grade certification (the FCE corresponding to the B2 level), while those who score very high (not less than 200 points) get the C2 level certification directly. The exam is also not subject to a deadline and, once passed, will make you feel comfortable in an English person’s shoes!

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