The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the world’s most popular English test for non-native speakers required by English-speaking countries for the admission of foreigners to professional and academic paths. It is a basic entry requirement for many American, British, Canadian and Australian colleges and universities, but it is also a particularly popular qualification for companies, government and international organisations, and English-speaking countries requiring an immigration visa. Consequently, together with the IELTS certification exam, it is one of the most widely used tests in the world to assess English as an L2 proficiency level.


Our language school in Naples organises exam preparation courses with native teachers who provide a solid preparation at an advanced level and focus on enhancing the students’ real communication skills, which are required to process and understand complex information in English. This is due to the fact that the TOEFL tests focus more on the real level of knowledge of the language than on the structural and functional elements of English, this being an exam that aims to recognise, in those who pass it, the ability to study and work in an exclusively English-speaking context, without problems.

The TOEFL examination is standardised, which means that it is carried out entirely via computer and provides, as accurately as possible, a reliable and unbiased picture of the written and oral skills of non-English native speakers. A fair level of proficiency is required to take the test, but by attending a test preparation course your chances of success will increase exponentially and with them the chance of an exciting experience abroad!

Discover the Clarence House Academy method to prepare for the TOEFL without any obstacles!

Why obtain a TOEFL certification?

TOEFL certification is a prerequisite for admission to many foreign universities and for employment in English-speaking countries that require it. It is in fact a purely academic examination whose objective is to immerse the student in the everyday working and university life of the chosen country. It is also one of the few certifications that attest to a real advanced level of ability in the use of English, which is why it constitutes an added value for those who wish to work with this language.

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