Do you want to learn Japanese in Naples but don’t know where to go? Discover the Japanese courses organised by Clarence House Academy: we offer stimulating and effective training courses, with individual and group lessons by experienced native teachers.

Learning Japanese may seem like a challenging task, especially because of the writing system, but with us you can immerse yourself in Japanese culture and discover that what may seem like a bold choice actually proves to be very advantageous, as it will not only open your mind but also give you access to numerous professional opportunities.

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Learning Japanese will be child’s play thanks to our Japanese language courses in Naples, held at our premises in Vomero.

Clarence House Academy’s courses are aimed at adults, children and professionals, and provide adequate preparation for all those who wish to have a go at Japanese for the first time or who want to improve their knowledge of this fascinating language for personal or professional reasons.

Course benefits

Our Japanese courses are taught by native speakers, who will provide you with all the necessary skills to approach a language so different from our own. In an increasingly connected world, in which digital technologies and the ability to travel easily reduce distances, getting to grips with oriental languages can prove to be the right choice from an educational and professional point of view. By breaking down barriers, getting to know the sounds, spelling and grammar of Japanese will allow you to broaden the horizon of your knowledge and enrich your cultural background.

Our Japanese teachers follow the most modern teaching methods and will stimulate your curiosity with pleasant, dynamic and educational lessons that delve into all aspects of Japanese language and culture. This is also made possible by the use of the school’s advanced multimedia tools: all classrooms at Clarence House Academy are equipped with an interactive whiteboard (LIM) and the sound system boasts a Dolby Surround system, optimal for stimulating students’ listening skills.

You can choose between one-to-one and group Japanese courses, depending on your preferences; whatever you choose, we guarantee the highest level of teacher attention, as group lessons are carried out in classes of no more than 5 to 10 people.

Why study Japanese?

Because Japan, in addition to being an economic superpower, is a nation whose culture is rich and fascinating, and having the right linguistic tools to be able to understand and explore it in depth is a must for all those who wish to approach this part of the world. In addition, studying Japanese in the right way allows one to take advantage of the numerous professional and career opportunities that our increasingly globalised and distance-breaking society makes available. The choice of a Japanese course taught by accredited, native teachers therefore represents the desire to keep up with the times, directing one’s training towards new interesting possibilities

Children’s courses

Why not introduce the little ones to the discovery of this language from an early age? Providing children with the best tools to learn Japanese at an early age can be a smart investment in their future, enabling them to be ready for the work and professional challenges that await them later on in life!

Business Japanese courses

Clarence House Academy organises business Japanese courses that focus on teaching or perfecting the language through programmes that improve the skills required by companies that are interested in having employees with a good level of Japanese. Our courses are accessible to everyone, from beginners to advanced users, and include the possibility of choosing a dedicated native teacher who will adapt the study plan to the personal and professional requirements of the student or the workplace in which he or she is employed.

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