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The YLE MOVERS (A1) certification is for children between the ages of 7 and 12 and is the second level of the three Cambridge exams aimed at making what was learned at the Starters level more solid and concrete so as to prepare for the next step: the Yle Flyers exam.


The exam for the Movers-A1 level consists of four tests (listening, reading, writing and speaking) that can only be taken in paper format, lasting about 1 hour. The test is passed by all children and each will receive a certificate containing the number of shields obtained (out of a maximum of five) for each section of the test.

Why get an A1 Movers certification?

The A1 Movers certification is a great way to encourage and celebrate your child’s achievements, so as to relieve their insecurities and encourage them to learn one of the most studied languages in the world.

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