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This summer will be an exciting bilingual, playful and cultural adventure, to be experienced together with many new little friends, in a full immersion English language context!

It’s never too early to start/improve your knowledge of a foreign language! As is well known, children learn a foreign language easily and naturally if the approach to the new way of communicating takes place at an early age.

Of course, there is no shortage of offers in the language sector, however, in order to find the right solution, considerable research effort is always required, carefully assessing the qualities of one’s children and the type of experience one wishes to realise for them.

Clarence House Academy proposes a short-term learning project, with our Summer Camp in the summer period, to be linked, if needed and subsequently, to a medium/long-term learning pathway, by accessing our ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES, often combined with our popular study trips abroad.

Participating in our Summer Camp will be like …going to England every day but returning home in Naples for dinner!

This will be possible because our teachers are all certified native speakers and supported by entertainment and animation staff, who also have an excellent level of English (B2 – C1), certified by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

English, therefore, will be the mother tongue used on a daily basis for the duration of the camp, with possible simultaneous translations required for special events and moments.


The programme includes dynamic and engaging recreational and cultural activities.

Our young guests will be divided into small, homogeneous groups by age and with reference to the following areas: yoga, art and drama workshops, tournaments, competitions, and much more, all held in ENGLISH for the following purposes:

– To create interest and motivation in learning the English language.

– To develop, above all, listening comprehension in the language.


At our Summer Camp, activities have a different taste.

They are dynamic, fun, full of imagination, but above all they provide the language elements necessary to play the games and engage in the activities.

The contents are based on 3 fundamental aspects, varying across the different age groups.

Our children will learn to:

– Recognise and reproduce the typical sounds and rhythm of the English language.

– Understand and act in response to messages in English.

– Acquire vocabulary on a topic-related level.

– Acquire the communicative tools necessary for the activities of the day.

– Promote the development of communication strategies in English.

– Broaden lexical knowledge.

The workshops are a fundamental part of the language path, learning by doing.

As well as being a pleasant soundtrack, songs will provide a stimulus for language work and the assimilation of vocabulary and structures.

Drama, too, offers a creative and communicative context of considerable importance.

Competitions and tournaments help to appropriate the language necessary for giving instructions.

Artistic activities stimulate creativity, manual and cognitive skills, requiring participants to make a design effort and not just an executive one, and thus also to use the language functions necessary to present, propose and illustrate their project.


– Drama: preparation and staging of drama sketches and role-plays in English.

– Story-telling: story-telling, listening and co-participation.

– Games: fun and imaginative (sack race, treasure hunt, tug of war, tag etc.)

– Sports: football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, 10-pin bowling, and many more.

– Arts and crafts: creative and manual activities.

– Music and dancing: fun with group dances.

– Sing-along contest: singing competitions.


At the end of the Summer Camp, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance as a testimony to the extraordinary summer experience, in contact with the most widespread form of communication on Earth: The English Language !

You Can ! … if You want !

*All Summer Camp participants will be entitled to a 10% discount on all our group courses (both English and other languages) for the school year 2022 – 2023

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