The Key English Test (KET) is the first level of the Cambridge University exams and certifies a basic knowledge of English that corresponds to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is an exam that is taken during the early stages of learning English and certifies the ability to communicate in simple, everyday situations.


There are two versions of the exam: the KET and the KET for Schools, both characterized by the same level of difficulty but focusing on different topics and themes. Our school organizes Test Preparation Courses in Naples with native-speaking teachers who identify the best teaching approach for each individual student and provide him or her with a targeted and comprehensive preparation in order to pass the exam without any difficulty. By the end of the course, in fact, each student is able to understand the main points of elementary texts, communicate in most known situations and understand short oral information.

KET, like all Cambridge exams, assesses candidates’ ability to use English in real-world contexts and encourages the development of practical skills, without losing sight of the importance of a solid formal and structural knowledge of the language. It represents, moreover, an essential first step for those who intend to continue on to PET (Cambridge Level 2) and the subsequent exams offered by Cambridge University.


Why obtain a KET certification?

KET is a simple exam but at the same time extremely important for those who intend to approach the study of English in a professional way, being the essential base from which to achieve subsequent Cambridge English Certifications. The certificate it issues is a document recognized worldwide that certifies a sufficient knowledge of English, with which one may travel to foreign countries without great difficulty and understand most of the everyday situations one may meet.

Being part of the Cambridge ESOL examinations, moreover, KET gives one of the most important and comprehensive language certificates internationally.

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