The English for babies project involves teaching English to children from an early age, alongside their parents.


Our aim is to help parents introduce English as a further active part of their children’s lives, in a fun and natural way.

Early childhood, as is well known, is the best time to start learning a foreign language. At this stage, indeed, our children learn the mother tongue spontaneously, and learning another one right away makes the learning process natural and almost casual.

So let us see how this happens.

The children get to know the second language through songs, collaborative games, fantastic picture books, cleverly displayed and commented on by our teachers, and professionally acted stories.

Most of these activities can then be easily repeated at home. In this way, parents and children can continue learning even when away from school and outside the learning/play group.


In our playgroups we only and always speak English.

The language is learned in the same way as the mother tongue.

For this reason, in addition to playing, singing and, why not, dancing, we live and share experiences and emotions together in order to offer the fullest exposure to the English language through spontaneous and repeated interactions of everyday life.

Playing, as is well known, is the best tool for the acquisition of a second language and the one we provide at Clarence House Academy is collaborative and always focused on relationship and communication.

Through play and emotional involvement with the parent and relationship/interaction with other children, our little ones will not only learn the English language, which acquired in this manner, will remain in their memories and become an indelible tool and stimulus to achieve the highest goals they may encounter in their future.

Finally, we believe that participating in our project will also be an unforgettable experience for the parents.


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