The First Certificate in English (FCE) is an intermediate-level certification issued by the University of Cambridge that attests to the ability, in non-native speakers, to use English on a daily basis in work or academic life contexts. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, it corresponds to level B2 and certifies intermediate to advanced language proficiency.


The exam consists of 4 parts, as it assesses the candidates’ main language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), and is passed with a score of 160 or above, which is followed by the corresponding promotion grade (A, B or C). However, being part of the Cambridge ESOL examinations, those who do not reach the minimum score for the FCE certificate are still allowed to obtain the PET certification, which is the one immediately below and corresponds to the B1 level (in this case it is necessary to score a result that does not fall below 140 points). Conversely, those who pass the exam in a particularly commendable manner, with a total of 180 points or more, are directly awarded the higher grade certification (CAE), corresponding to the C1 level.

To successfully pass the exam and obtain a satisfactory score, the safest method is to rely on a language school that organizes courses aimed at obtaining this certification. Clarence House Academy prepares students in Naples who plan to take the FCE exam, through the organization of individual or group courses, administered by experienced native teachers.

What is the purpose of the FCE Certification?

The First Certificate in English is the most widely used exam of the Cambridge English family because it certifies the minimum level of English proficiency required today in many companies, in public competitions and in English-speaking countries that organize study programs for foreigners.

The certification it awards is recognized not only by the University of Cambridge but also by other universities and companies around the world, while in Italy it can award points for competitions or rankings. It has no expiration date, although in a work or academic context it may need to be renewed after a certain number of years, and it paves the way for attaining the next level, the CAE, which allows you to reinforce the skills you already possess and obtain a solid and effective command of English.

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