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The pre A1 starters is the first of three Cambridge examinations and is ideal for primary school children and secondary school pupils. The aim of this certification for children and young people is to certify a basic knowledge of English and encourage them to approach and learn English from an early age.


The Cambridge Starters (Pre A1) examination can be taken either in paper or digital form, consists of 3 tests and lasts a total of approximately 45 minutes; a simple formula that is suitable for younger students.

The test is designed not to discourage children, indeed it is always passed and all children receive an award. Up to five badges can be awarded for each test. The number of badges obtained for each test will be indicated on the certificate, which will be sent approximately two months after the examination.

Why get an A1 Starters certification?

A1 certifications are becoming increasingly popular and many primary and secondary schools are starting to offer these exams to their pupils. Taking this course will allow pupils from a young age to receive English language training with a positive and fun approach.

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