Clarence House Academy is a registered Trinity College London centre in Naples, with the possibility of conducting examinations on-site, which prepares students to pass the examinations through the cyclical organisation of targeted individual or group courses administered by native teachers. The lessons are structured in such a way as to illustrate, with exercises and simulations, all the elements of which the exam is composed, in order to help students pass the final exam without difficulty. It is no coincidence that in our school approximately 98% of students pass the exam and obtain their chosen certification.


The Trinity College London language certificate is an official document issued by a Registered Certifying Body, certifying the achievement of a specified level of English, assessed according to the criteria set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The latter subdivides language skills into six levels of competence, each of which certifies the possession of precise communicative abilities:

A1 basic level – A2 elementary level;

B1 intermediate level – B2 upper intermediate;

C1 advanced level – C2 mastery of the language even in complex situations.

The achievement of one of these levels, therefore, with the relevant certification attesting to it, indicates what a person is able to do with a given foreign language.

Why obtain a TRINITY certification?

There are many reasons why people choose to obtain a Trinity College London Certificate, since knowledge of English alone is not enough if it is not accompanied by an official document certifying the actual level of competence achieved. Indeed, in our society, an official English language certificate is a fundamental prerequisite in order to make one’s way in the professional world and is often also a prerequisite for access to an increasing number of competitions, second-level universities, both Italian and foreign, and job offers.

A Trinity College Certificate can also be used in the academic and professional spheres, since possession of such a qualification can give credit for state examinations, score points in competitions or rankings, and give university credits. It represents, therefore, that fundamental brick without which a solid and competitive professional profile cannot be built.

If you would like to increase your knowledge of English and obtain Trinity certification from an authorised body in Naples, just contact us! We will accompany you with professionalism, availability and competence towards the achievement of your goals.

Una Certificazione Trinity College, inoltre, è spendibile anche in ambito accademico e professionale poiché il possesso di un titolo del genere può dare credito formativo all’esame di Stato, attribuire punteggio nell’ambito di un concorso o all’interno di una graduatoria, e dare crediti formativi in ambito universitario. Rappresenta, quindi, quel mattone fondamentale senza il quale non si può costruire un solido e competitivo profilo professionale.

Se vuoi incrementare la tua conoscenza dell’inglese e ottenere una certificazione Trinity da un Ente autorizzato a Napoli, non ti resta che contattarci! Ti accompagneremo con professionalità, disponibilità e competenze verso il raggiungimento dei tuoi obiettivi.

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