Online language courses designed for you!

Innovation, technology, professionalism: distance learning lessons to learn a new language with our teachers

Our language courses are also available online via digital platforms, tailored to you and your needs.

They are ideal for those who need language training but do not have the possibility of physically attending a school and following set timetables.

The courses are run by qualified native teachers and will allow you to improve or start learning a new language

Choose from:

Two-to-one lessons

From 60 minutes

Group lessons

From 60 minutes (3 students)

How do I access the online language courses?

To access our online language courses, you can simply contact our reception desk by phone on +39 08119566910

or on WhatsApp on 3440819673.

If you prefer, you can also e-mail us at: info@clarencehouseacademy.com

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.

You will also be able to arrange the dates and times of the lessons with our reception, thanks to our programme customised for you.


Lessons will be held according to the pre-established schedule; however, it is possible to vary the days and times, subject to the availability of the teacher. Variations must be requested directly from the teacher at the end of the lesson or by e-mail to info@clarencehouseacademy.com, 24 hours in advance.

The utmost punctuality is required as the lesson will end in any case within the 60 minutes set, since immediately afterwards there will be other lessons to be managed.

Lessons last 60 minutes

t is possible to cancel an already scheduled lesson by sending an e-mail to info@clarencehouseacademy.com, or by contacting 081 195.66.910 within 24 hours before the lesson. If the cancellation is not received within this time, the lesson will be considered as executed and cannot be recovered.

All booked lessons must be completed within 9 months from the date of purchase.

The student is expected to have a good Wi-Fi connection. If there are occasional problems with the Internet connection on the part of the student or the teacher, there will be the option of interrupting the lesson and making up the lost minutes by rescheduling the lesson later on.



10 Lezioni individuali

  • Include 10 lezioni su Skype

[wpecpp name=”10Lezioni individuali ” price=”420″ align=”center”]

20 Lezioni individuali

  • Include 20 lezioni su Skype

[wpecpp name=”20 Lezioni individualiSkype” price=”760″ align=”center”]

30 Lezioni individuali

  • Include 30 lezioni su Skype

[wpecpp name=”30 Lezioni Lezioni individuali Skype” price=”1070″ align=”center”]


10 Lezioni di coppia

  • Include 10 lezioni su Skype

[wpecpp name=”10 Lezioni di coppia Skype” price=”600″ align=”center”]

20 Lezioni di coppia

  • Include 20 lezioni su Skype

[wpecpp name=”20 Lezioni di coppia Skype” price=”1080″ align=”center”]

30 Lezioni di coppia

  • Include 30 lezioni su Skype

[wpecpp name=”30 Lezioni di Coppia Skype” price=”1470″ align=”center”]