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Clarence House Academy comes from a “once upon a time”, a true story that almost sounds like a fairy tale, starring a teddy bear.

North Wales, the hands of time flow back centuries. It is the second half of the 19th century and Clarence is a stuffed animal that comes to life from the hands of Eluned. She has a gift in mind for her young daughter Annette. Needle and thread, between a stitch and a cut-out, the woman looks out of the window overlooking the bay of Colwyn, the fascinating Irish Sea.

Times change and Clarence passes through generations, a fragment of the memories of a family with a European spirit. British roots, Italian heart, in Naples, to be precise.

Eluned was Carlette’s great-grandmother, mother of English teachers Matt and Martha Rowland – Tims, today’s guardians of the sweet  teddy bear and, above all, of the secrets of a profession that has become an actual mission: to create a corner of the United Kingdom in Naples, to teach perspectives (and words) of the country of tea amongst the faithful of the “tazzulella ‘e café”.

The Academy wins the bet every day with creativity and passion. Not an ordinary school. Clarence House is an original citadel of languages (from all over the world).  Inspired by the same-named London residence of Her Majesty Elizabeth. The quality of the courses is “royal”. Because here distant cultures approach each other through the current visions of the young team. And even Clarence, by now, seems to be indulging in an espresso.


Abroad it is said that the expression “Italians do it better” applies to love. But we cannot say the same when trying to communicate in a foreign language. Beyond the national borders, a life “without subtitles” (or ugly figures) remains a dream. Clarence House Academy believes in a premise: we are all really good, we just don’t know it yet. For this reason, we provide a wide range of courses according to the needs of each individual.


The objectives we pursue are diverse and range from improvement to the achievement of language skills in a short period of time, with a step-by-step methodology regardless of your starting level or the time available. With us, it is possible to learn every language in the world. Not only the most widely studied languages (English, Spanish, German and French) but we also offer individual and group courses (minimum 5 students) of Russian and Chinese on request.  Our qualified teachers include teachers of Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew and Swahili.

Sky is the limit!

There are no limits to your learning! The courses are designed to achieve a number of different objectives: to learn a language from scratch, to strengthen your language skills, for school catch-up, to obtain the most advanced certifications, and for organisations that want to meet specific business needs. Lessons can take place on skype in individual or group sessions.

No limits, just ask!

Clarence House Academy uses friendly methods and cutting-edge strategies to help students feel comfortable learning not only different idioms but also new points of view.  Because to master a language, you need to have ears and eyes ready to listen and see differently.

In a young and dynamic context, the teachers – strictly native speakers and highly qualified – live the language rather than just speak it.

Another key strength? All courses are available at 30% less than the average costs on the market.

Our target students range from 3 to over 65.

Our guarantee: Italians will do it better (it’s only a matter of time).

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    Metro: M1 Medaglie D’Oro

    Bus: 139 \ 147 ( stop in Via Menzinger )

    Car:  A56 Tangenziale di Napoli – Arenella

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